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Old Warrior's Tables

Objective Room Treasure Type Table - Watered-down Objective Room treasures to prevent overpowering)
Random Battle Level One Monster Tables - Designed to provide Event Card-like difficulty with the original Monster Table Level 1 variety. For first adventure, BL-1 warriors.  Normal and Objective Room  monster events.)
Random Battle Level One Monster Tables (Revised) - Dungeon Room Monster Event entries have been expanded and more difficult monsters have had their numbers decreased to make this an even better table to use for 'out-of-the-box' type adventures.  After much play-testing of the original version (above), I came to the conclusion that it needed a serious revision.  So, here it is!  In December 2010, a D66 Objective Room Monster Table was also added to this one.
The School of Martial Arts (A special location where many warriors may find benefit, or gain glory -- or even suffer shame -- in a martial contest. Taken from the Martial Artist's full rules.) 
Treasure Card Tables - There are three tables: one lists the names of the 30 original Treasure Cards, the second table lists all 174* Treasure Cards from all official sources, the third table lists the names of all 46* Objective Room Treasure Cards from all official sources.  I strived for completeness, but let me know if any are missing.
Treasure Card Tables with Check Boxes -The check boxes might be useful to someone to track which treasure card treasures have been distributed.
Warrior Party Composition Tables -- May be used to randomly determine a party's composition. The original document has been slightly revised. Two more have been added, one to emphasize official warriors (about 20 warriors) and the other to include a huge selection of custom warriors (about 90 or so) along with the official warriors.

Warrior Party Composition Tables (Original)

Warrior Party Composition Tables Limited Edition (use to select Official & Semi-Official Warriors only)

Warrior Party Composition Tables Expanded Edition (the most complete selection)


Others' Tables

Alehouse Events, by Grogling (66 alternate Alehouse events)
Armoury, The - by John K.
Big Book of Spells, The - by Thecustodian
Combat Events, by Art Franklin
Dwarf Runesmith (Special Location), by Thecustodian
Empire Army Camp, by Donaldinho
New Adventures, by Kestrelstart
New Treasure Items
New Treasures for Warhammer Quest, by Christopher Taylor
More New Treasures, by Techpriest
Norsemen Barbarian Location, by John K.
Objective Treasure, by Luminos
Random Dungeon Generation Table, by Phil, Chaos Lord
Reputable Drinking Establishment, by Thecustodian (6 alternate drinking locations)
Trap Table, by Korvus Ulaylee
Traveling Caravan, by Irion Wulf
Treasure Conversion System, by Thecustodian
Treasure Tome, The - by Phil, Chaos Lord

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