Old Warrior Random Linked
Adventures Monster Tables
(Dec. 2010 Revised Edition)

(A even more-modified, even nicer yet version of the Monster Tables in the RPB*)
(Designed to provide a greater variety of official monsters
while attempting to maintain the "out of the box" difficulty
level for basic and for first adventure BL 1 warriors.)
NOTE: This second Revised Edition (1st one was in Sept. 2010), strives to make most
of the Monster Events' difficulty levels to be even more like that found in the original
Monster Event Cards. The 1st revision did this for the first Monster Table (for regular
Monster Events). This second revision provides a greatly-expanded Objective Room
Monster Table diligently compared to the Adventure Book Objective Room Monster
Table and includes the six results found there as well.
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Monster Table Dungeon Level 1
(For BL 1 First Adventure Warriors)
(Roll D66)

1D3 Minotaurs

12 1D3 Ogres
13 1D3 Centaurs
14 1D3+1 Dark Elf Naggareth Guard
15 2 Cave Squigs (1-3 Wild, 4-6 Trained w/ Squig Hunter goblins)
16 1D6 Beastmen
21-22 1D6 Dark Elves
23-24 1D6 Skaven Stormvermin
25 1D6+3 goblins (1-3 bows, 4-6 spears)
& Goblin Shaman
26 1D6 Skeleton Archers & 1D6 Skeleton Swordsmen
31 1D6 Skeleton Archers
32 1D6 Skeleton Swordsmen
33-34 1D6+2 Ghouls
35 1D6 Orc Archers & 1D6 Orc Swordsmen
36 1D6 Orc Archers
41 1D6 Orc Swordsmen
42 1D6 Hobgoblins
43-44 2D6 Skaven Clanrats
45-46 1D6 Zombies
51 2D6 Giant Rats
52 1D6 Goblin Archers & 1D6 Goblin Spearmen
53-54 6 Goblin Netters
55 6 Goblin Archers
56 6 Goblin Spearmen
61-62 1D6+6 Giant Bats
63-64 2D6 Giant Spiders
65-66 1D6+6 Snotlings

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Objective Room Monster Table
(only for BL 1 first adventure)
(Roll D66)


3 Minotaurs, 4 Orc Warriors, 1D6 Orc Archers

12 3 Minotaurs, 1D3+3 Beastmen
13 3 Centaurs, 1D6+3 Beastmen

3 Centaurs, 1D6+6 Hobgoblins

15 3 Ogres, 1D6+6 Hobgoblins
16 3 Ogres, 1D3+3 Orc Warriors, 1D3+3 Orc Archers
21 1 Minotaur, 6 Orc Warriors, 6 Orc Archers
22 1D3+3 Skeleton Archers, 1D3+3 Skeletons with Swords, 1D6+2 Ghouls, 1D6 Zombies
23 1D6 Skaven Stormvermin, 12 Skaven Clanrats, 2D6 Giant Rats
24 1 Minotaur, 6 Beastmen
25 1 Ogre, 6 Orc Archers, 8 Hobgoblins
26 1 Centaur, 12 Hobgoblins
31 1 Minotaur, 1D6+2 Skaven and 2D6 Giant Rats
32 1D3+2 Dark Elf Naggareth Black Guards, 1D3+1 Dark Elves
33 1 Goblin Shaman, 1D3+3 Goblin Archers, 1D3+3 Goblin Spearmen, 1D3 Cave Squigs (1-3 Wild, 4-6 Trained w/ Squig Hunter goblins), 1D6 Goblin Netters
34 1 Minotaur, 1D3+1 Skaven Stormvermin, 1D6 Skaven Clanrats
35 1 Ogre, 1D6+2 Goblin Archers, 1D6+2 Orc Warriors
36 1 Centaur, 1D6 Goblin Archers, 1D6 Beastmen
41 6 Orc Warriors, 6 Orc Archers, 6 Goblin Archers
42 6 Orc Archers & 8 Orc Swordsmen
43 1D6 Skeleton Archers, 8 Ghouls
44 1D3+3 Skeleton Archers, 1D3+3 Skeletons with Swords
45 1 Goblin Shaman, 12 Goblin Archers, 12 Goblin Spearmen
46 1D3+1 Skaven Stormvermin, 12 Skaven Clanrats
51 6 Giant Bats, 6 Giant Spiders, 6 Giant Rats
52 6 Hobgoblins, 10 Snotlings
53 6 Giant Bats, 6 Giant Spiders, 4 Zombies
54 12 Giant Bats, 4 Zombies
55 12 Giant Bats, 12 Giant Spiders
56 12 Giant Bats, 12 Giant Rats
61 12 Snotlings, 6 Goblin Spearmen, 6 Goblin Archers
62 6 Snotings, 6 Hobgoblins,
63 12 Snotlings, 1 Trained Cave Squig, 2 Goblin Squig Hunters
64 12 Snotlings, 1 Wild Cave Squig
65 12 Snotlings, 6 Goblin Netters
66 6 Goblin Archers, 6 Goblin Spearmen, 4 Goblin Netters

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