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Custom Characters (Warriors)

Currently some of these character's rules will be found in various places and formats, though I hope to format them more consistently as was done in the Museum.  Sorry, there is no search feature; but, using "Find" or "Find on this Page" may prove helpful.

Table of Contents

(Organized by Class/Sub-class, then Alphabetically)









Assassin (human?) View
Dark Elf Assassin - L (elf)  View
The Ninja - AF (human)  View
The Ninja - OW (human)  View
Ninja (human)  View
Ninja (human)
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AleHouse Thug (v. 2) - G (human) View  (Back to Top)
Amazon - (human) View
Beastman - *GW View
Duellist - (human) View
Dwarf Engineer - OW View
Dwarf Medicine Man - View
Elf Warrior - C  View
Engineer - *GW (human) View
Imperial Emissary - (human) View
Executioner, The - (human?) View
Friendly Giant, The - OW  View
Gunfighter, The - BH (human)  View
Halfling Fieldwarden, The - C  View
Elf Dragon Prince - View
Jaedai-Saedith (Light side basic rules) - OW (human)  View
Jedi Knight - (human)  View
Jedi Knight - (human)  View
Jedi - RD (human)  View
Kislev Thunderboy - (human)  View
Knight Panther - *GW (human)  View
Knight Templar - CT (human)  View
Knight Templar - *GW (human)  View
Martial Artist, The - OW (human)  View
Ogre Mercenary - *GW  View
Paladin of Sigmar - L (human)  View
Pirate - (human)  View
Rogue-Smuggler (basic rules)  - OW (human)  View
Samurai  - *GW (human)  View
Sea Elf Adventurer, The (basic rules)  - OW  View
Sea Elf Princess, The (basic rules)  - OW  View
Swashbuckler, The - (human?)  View
Wardancer **  -  *GW (elf)  View
Warrior - *GW  View
Warrior Princess (Empire Princess) - (human)  View
Witch Elf - *GW 
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Archeologist - (human)  View
Archeologist 2 - (human)  View
Bounty Hunter - (human)  View
Gold Hunter - C (dwarf)  View
Witch Hunter Librarian - C (human)  View
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Halfling Fieldwarden, The - C  View
Thief -
*GW (human)  View
Ranger  -
*GW (human)  View
Way Watcher, The - CT (elf) 
Wood Elf Scout - 
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Beastmaster - *GW (elf)  View
Changeling, The - OW  View
Halfling Chef - C  View
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Metaphysical (&/or Academic)


Aes Sedai (female) - OW (human)  View       (Back to Top)
Aes Sedai (male) - OW (human)  View
Alchemist (Gold Mage) *** - *GW (human)  View
Alchemist - (human)  View
Astronomer (Celestial Mage) *** - *GW (human)  View
Battlemage - AF (human)  View
College Wizard - (human)  View
Druid - CT (human)  View
Druid (Jade Mage) *** - *GW (human)  View
Elf High Mage - CT  View
Fire Wizard - CT (human)  View
Fire Wizard (Bright Mage) *** - *GW (human)  View
Grey Wizard/Shadow Mage *** - C (human)  View
Grey Wizard/(Weather Mage) *** - *GW (human)  View
High Priest (Light Mage) *** - *GW (human)  View
Illusionist - (human)  View
Inquisitor - (human)  View
Jaedai-Saedith (Light side basic rules) **** - OW (human)  View
Kislevite Shaman (additions only) - C (human)  View
Mentalist - CT (human)  View
Mentalist (Amethyst Mage) *** - *GW (human)  View
Runesmith's Apprentice, The - C (dwarf)  View
Shaman (Amber Mage) *** - *GW (human)  View
Sorcerer - L (human)  View
Witch, The (v. 3) - G (human)  View
Wizard's Apprentice, The - C (human) 
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Christian Missionary, The (v. 2) - OW (human)  View
Priest of Manaan - C (human)  View
Priestess of Shallya, The - C  View
Prophetess, The - C  View
Sister of Sigmar - C View
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Note: The following abbreviations are used to identify the creators/revisers of these custom creations for quick reference.

  AF = Art Franklin; BH = Ben Head; CT = Christopher Taylor;  G = Grogling; GW = "Greywolf" (Jordan Peacock); L = Luminos; OW = one of the Old Warrior's creations; C = Thecustodian;  RD = Raven and Darkside.  Many titles have no creator/reviser label, because I have only one or two characters by them.

*  GW simply stands for Greywolf.  There are NO Games Workshop official warriors posted here.

** The Wardancer here presented is not the official one.

*** One of eight College Wizards (Human Mages specializing in certain areas of magic).  Both Grey Wizards were created to be college wizards, but they are different from one another, one being a Weather Wizard and the other a Shadow Wizard (or Shadow Mage).   (Back to Magical)

**** This character, the Jaedai/Saedith, is placed in both the fighter and magical classes because he is designed to act as both wizard (of sorts) and a physical fighter, though he will depend mostly upon powers and abilities for protection not armour.

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