Old Warrior's Stronghold



Custom board sections

Some amateur board sections by the Old Warrior, and some by a more talented gamer.  To see larger versions of most of these board sections, just click on the images.  Click on colorful buttons to quickly move to sub-collections.  Images by Cutlass used with permission.  Cutlass' website may be found here: http://cutlass.freehostia.com/ .


Objective & Large Rooms


        Idolatrous Temple                          Lava Chasm                    Summoning Pit (by Cutlass) 



        Golden Skull (by Cutlass)               Fossil (by Cutlass)           Red-checkered Room (by Cutlass)

Dungeon Rooms
(All by Cutlass except the Aqua/greenish-blue Tiled)

    Tree Room, by Cutlass                                                            Minotaur Feeding Room, by Cutlass

                  Tree Room                        Purple Room                    Orange Room                Minotaur Feeding Room



    Blood Trail Room            Bad Moonz Room            Blue Room w/Skeleton            Evil Sunz Orcy Room



    Cracked Room            Cracked Room w/Web        Bloodied Cracked Room            Fossil Room        



Green Room w/Bugs          Skaven Room            Skaven Room2                Aqua Tiled Room

Corridors, Stairs, & Small Rooms

First two rows are by Cutlass




Fossil Corridors, Stairs, and small room

The bottom row by OW (the amateur)


            Corridor            Stairway        Stairway w/water    Short Corridor