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Visit Old Warrior's message board at any time to see current games and/or to leave a message.  Please note that current games will usually be protected so that only players may post (though anyone may view them), while other places in the message board are open to anyone for posting.  The following email is a good place to send your custom materials (in moderation).  Old Warrior prefers to receive only text, rich text, doc (Word), Word Perfect, PDF, and html files and such like on an unsolicited basis.  Submission does not guarantee a posting to OW message board or website, but does guarantee consideration.  The Old Warrior is the webmaster for this website.

Old Warrior's Message Board (with current WHQ games) :  http://com2.runboard.com/bwqwhqoldwarrior

Old Warrior (webmaster) email:  theoldwarrior@goodsandgoodies.net


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