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Here one may find Warhammer Quest things not in the other main sections.  Consider it a miscellaneous page.  It has begun as a place to share some pictures that Old Warrior is currently putting together to represent what is available in the different settlements.  Hopefully, "Really Special Locations" will soon be added.  The purpose for this is to help players and GMs to be able to visualize what places are available rather than having to turn pages in the RPB just to remember what is out there.  If anyone has a picture of a building that might be better to represent the Fighting School, please do contact OW -- as long as it is allowable to share it.

This is probably a good place to promote the Random Quest Generator too, which originally was only accessible from the home page.

Custom Quests
(Formatted web page documents)

Random Quest Generator
(Randomly generates custom quests)


Settlement Picture Guides:

Market *
(Shops and Special Locations possible in any settlement)
Only places that can possibly be found in any size settlement.

Special Locations *
(Those special locations found in the RPB and some others that allow several warrior types to visit)
Those Special Locations that may be found in a town or a city.


* Note: Pictures found under the Settlement Picture Guides section may not be used for any profitable endeavor.  They are designed primarily to be used for Old Warrior WQ games online.  OW cannot give permission to use the pictures for anything other than viewing, because many of the component pictures belong to a website host that has very strict rules for their use.

** Reputable Drinking Establishments and Alternate Alehouse Events may be found on the Custom Tables page.

This page was last updated on 07/27/08.

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