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House rules

Custom rules for different, improvised game play, and for those who might play under one or more GMs whose rules are found here.  Click on the title of the particular rules to view them.  Most of the rules will open in a new window.  Old Warrior Rules should open in this same window, but will have a link at the top of the page to easily return to this page.

Old Warrior's House Rules

Old Warrior Rules (used in most of the games where OW is the GM)
Annihilation Game Rules (used in special Annihilation Games)


Other's House Rules*

Cutlass' House Rules (with tactical suggestions - a link to his House Rules webpage)

Downtown, by Andrew Meredith
Dungeon Rules, by John K.
FAQ-Rejected, by John K.
Greywolf's House Rules
House Rules, by By Idraugnir
Interesting Tidbits, Compiled by Phil, Chaos Lord
Special Character Rules, by Techpriest

* Please note that the posting of these rules here is not an endorsement of them, but rather a service to other Warhammer Quest fans.  Also, Old Warrior finds these rules interesting and thought-provoking even when he does not agree with them.

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