Warhammer Quest


By Christopher Taylor

These charts contain all treasures from the cards for Warhammer Quest, all from the treasure charts in the Roleplay Book, and many from the Warhammer Fantasy Battles books.  The charts are intended to give a comprehensive and expanded spread of treasures without overpowering the game.  In addition, certain treasures such as the bags of gold and scrolls have been removed from the mix and turned into random rolls.  Some of the Objective Room Treasures have been moved as well, such as the stones of Le Marquis, and placed in normal treasure.

As a result, there are many more types of treasure, options, and charts, which makes finding treasure a much more random and unpredictable (and hopefully exciting) event than before.  Some day a system that takes into account the power level of the creatures slain will be finished, but for now this should suffice to make finding treasure a more interesting event.



When treasure is found, the actual type discovered must be determined.  In the Roleplay Book there is a small chart before the treasure section that randomized the treasure type, and these Master Charts are an expansion on that concept.  When Treasure is called for, roll on the appropriate table below with the dice shown.  If a Table is called for, then consult that table and roll on it for the treasure discovered.


1-2 Valuables
Roll on the Valuables sub table below
3-4 Magic Items
Roll on the Magic Items sub table below
5-6 Weapons and Armor
Roll on the Weapons and Armor sub table below.


1-3 Gold
Roll as many D6 as desired, and multiply the total by (10xdungeon level).  However, if any 1's are rolled on the dice, nothing is found.
4-6 Commodities
Roll on the Commodities chart below


1 Scroll
Randomly determine a spell from the Wizard's spell list (I suggest you roll a D12 for the spell number, then randomize from the number of spells under that number. Alternate Methods are to randomly select a spell card or to randomize from the dungeon level in spell number)
2 Potions and Trinkets Table
3 One Use Minor Magic Items Table
4 Minor Magic Items Table
5 Jewelry Table
6 Choose one from the five results above.


2-5 Armor and Shields Table
6-8 Swords Table
9-12 Other Weapons Table


1-3 Objective Room Magic Items Table
4-6 Objective Room Weapons and Armor Table




Commodities are various valuable items that can be found that are not magical.  Most can be traded for gold at a settlement, others can be used immediately or in the dungeon.

11 Map A secret door is shown in the next room the Warriors come to, put a door on the side of the room and resolve two events, then take two treasures in addition to the monster's loot. --
12 Potion of Alchemy Worth D6x40 gold to alchemist, if an alchemist is in the party, can be used to make potion of choice. D6x40
13 Hidden Alcove Roll as many D6 as desired for the part, if any come up a 1 then nothing is found, but an event is resolved due to the noise.  If any come up 2-5, then add them up and find that number times 10 in gold.  For each 6, a treasure is found! Var
14 Pearl Necklace Roll as many D6 as desired, multiply the result by 10, but if any 1s result, the shop refuses to buy, and another settlement must be tried Var
15 Exotic foods of Tilea A rare delicacy 50
16 Spices from Araby Expensive spices and goods from afar worth D3x100 gold var
21 Ancient Vase of Lustria Odd and unusable, but fascinating 175
22 Fine Clothes D6 pieces of clothing fit for a king 25@
23 Quarg Horn Usable only during the Quarg Hunt Settlement Event.  During the hunt, roll D6: 1-5 = no effect, 6 = a quarg shows up , worth 1000 gold! 1000
24 Holy Artefact At a temple, the priests will pay D6x100 gold for the artefact, but if a 1 is rolled, they give you nothing here, but another temple in another settlement may buy it. var
25 Wines of Bretonnia Noble wine worth D6x100 gold Var
26 Ulathan Wine Fine elven wine worth D6x125 gold Var
31 Tankard A Dwarven Tankard that no dwarf would ever part with 20
32 Dwarf Pick Can clear away debris and rubble in D6 turns, but after each successful use, roll a D6: 1 = the pick breaks and is destroyed. 125
33 Precious Icon Worth D6x200 gold to elders in a Village (not a town of city) Var
34 Abandoned Backpack D3 treasure items in the pack, but what happened to the warrior wearing it? Var
35 Fine Gold Elf Wine A bottle heals D3 wounds, but makes the Warrior -1 to hit for D3 turns.  D6 bottles are found worth 100 Gold var
36 Silks of Cathay A bolt of silk, stored in a chest is found, worth D6x25 gold Var
41 Provisions D6 Provisions are discovered, each heals 2 wounds and are exactly like provisions that can be purchased in settlements 0
42 Bandages D6 Bandages are discovered, each heals 3 wounds and are exactly like bandages that can be purchased in settlements
43 Tapestries of Bretonia Fine Tapestries are found here, and can be sold at the next settlement for D6x50 gold Var
44 Jewelry The Monsters had fine jewelry hidden away, worth D6x50 gold in the next settlement. Var
45 Dinner Wear Flatwear, goblets, plates, and such fit for a king is found, worth D6x25 gold the next settlement. Var
46 Ceremonial Armor +1 Toughness, any attack that rolls a natural 6 for damage destroys the armor if worn, but is worth 150 gold in the settlement. 150
51 Elven Cooking Herbs Rare spices and herbs from Ulathan, dried and preserved in wax packets, worth 2D6x25 gold Var
52 Carpets from far Cathay Oriental rugs are stacked here, D6 of them worth D6x10 gold each. Var
53 Incense of Araby Rare and expensive incense is found, worth D6x50 gold Var
54 Ingots of Iron D6 iron ingots are discovered with Dwarven marks on them, worth D6x30 gold each Var
55 Ingots of Silver D3 silver ingots are discovered, pure silver worth D3x100 gold each Var
56 Ingots of Gold D3 gold ingots are found!  Roll 3D6 for each separately, if any of the 3D6 rolls results in doubles, they are painted lead, but otherwise multiply the result by 25 for the gold value Var
61 Musical Instruments Stored here are D6 musical instruments, worth D6x10 gold in a village, double that in a town, and triple that in a city (D6x30 in a city). Var
62 Books Various books and bound leaves of writing are here, none magical, but valuable none the less 300
63 Uncut Gems One of the warriors recognizes some pebbles as uncut gems, worth D6x40 gold in the city, and but D6x10 gold in a town, nothing in a village. var
64 Keys A set of keys on a ring is found, for any door encountered, roll a D6: 1-5 = no key fits, 6 = the key needed is on the ring! 50
65 Bugman's Beer A less potent Mix than the 6X that can be found, but still worth D6x20 gold at any settlement's Ale House. var
66 Treasure Map A partially destroyed map that indicates great treasure.  As each room is entered, roll a D6:
1-5 = not the treasure room, 6 = The treasure horde is hidden here.  After all encounters are dealt with, the Warriors discover a treasure horde, roll 3 times on the Treasure Chart, and resolve an event card immediately upon looting it.


11 Madcap Potion Grants x2 attacks when taken, until a 1 is rolled for POW, at which point the drinker is reduced to 1 Initiative and 1 attack for D6 turns. 100
12 Skalm Roll a D6 when drank: 1 = does 1D6 wounds with no modifiers, 2-6 = Heals all wounds 50
13 Potion of Knowledge Spells cost 0 POW, each turn roll a D6: 1-2 = wears off + roll a D6, on a 1 all magic ability is lost until the end of the adventure. 200
14 Potion of Healing Heals D6 wounds 75
15 Healing Balm Heals all wounds lost 200
16 Potion of Levitation Lasts one turn.  Ignore pits, chasms etc, all attacks are -1 to hit drinker. 250
21 Magic Potion When imbibed, roll D6: 1 = lose 2D6 wounds, 2 = lose 1D6 wounds, 3 = skin is rainbow striped, 4 = heals 1D6 wounds, 5 = heals 2D6 wounds, 6 = heals all wounds 60
22 Salve of Strength Gives +1 Strength for D6 turns 100
23 Potion of Strength Gives D6 Strength for one turn 150
24 Holy Water Roll to hit with BS, does D6 wounds to any undead, chaos, or daemon creature (and D3 to any such creature adjacent to the target) with no modifiers. 250
25 Potion of Flying For one turn, can move D6+2 squares, fly over all obstacles, and cannot be pinned. 150
26 Potion of Lightning Blades +1 to hit per Battle-Level for one turn 500
31 Potion of Endurance Can ignore one blow that would otherwise kill him 300
32 Incense of Healing When opened, heals every warrior on the same board section 2D6 wounds and is expended. 200
33 Potion of Pain Heals 2D6 wounds and allows drinker to ignore one blow that would otherwise kill him 300
34 Potion of Battle +1 attack for one turn 75
35 Potion of Weapon Mastery +2 to hit and damage is +2D6 wounds for one turn 150
36 Undead Bane Enough for 1 weapon for 1 turn, causes an additional 1 wound per Battle-Level damage to undead 50
41 Chaos Bane Enough for 1 weapon for 1 turn, causes an additional 1 wound per Battle-Level damage to Chaos creatures 200
42 Potion of Toughness +1 toughness until end of turn 75
43 Potion of Instability For one turn, cannot be pinned, cast spells, attack, be attacked, or be the target of any traps, magic, etc. 200
44 Potion of Keensight For one turn, may make as many bow attacks as the drinker has attacks 250
45 Bugmans XXXXXX 4 doses: heals D6 wounds, but is -3 to hit next D3 turns, each use reduces gold value 50 gp 200
46 Potion of Invisibility For one turn, cannot be pinned, cannot be attacked or targeted by magic, cannot cast spells, but can attack 200
51 Potion of Disguise For one turn, monsters will ignore and will not pin the drinker unless he attacks them 100
52 Arkal's Powder For one turn, can move 3D6 squares and cannot be pinned 100
53 Healing Herbs Elf or alchemist can make D6 healing potions from this between adventures 300
54 Poison Enough for one weapon, lasts one battle.  If the weapon causes damage, it does an additional D3 wounds at the end of turn 150
55 Potion of Erupting Does D6 damage with no modifiers to any square within 2x the thrower's Strength. 75
56 Firebomb D6 found, Does D6 damage to any 2x2 area, no modifiers 100
61 Flash Powder D3 found, gives +1 attack to the Warriors that turn, only one per turn can be used 75
62 Acid Enough to destroy the lock or open a porticullus or locked door, on a roll of 2-6 on D6, but a roll of 1 destroys the lock, cannot be opened 50
63 Potion of Power Gives D6 Power for casting spells, lasts one turn 50
64 Blade Wash Makes the weapon magical permanently so they affect creatures only hit by magic weapons, for D6 turns makes +1 to hit.  Only Enough for one weapon 100
65 Potion of Curing Eliminates any one disabling effect (loss of a Characteristic from poison, loss of movement from petrification, etc) 200
66 Potion of Fortitude Negates fear and terror for the adventure 100


11 Master Rune of Gomril Bonds to Armor.  +2 toughness 300
12 Master Rune of Adamant Bonds to Armor.  6+ Ignore Pain against non magic weapons. 200
13 Rune of Fortitude Bonds to Armor.  Gives +1D6 starting wounds at the beginning of each adventure, only while armor is worn 300
14 Rune of Iron Bonds to Armor.  +1 toughness 200
15 Spelleater Rune Bonds to Armor.  Gives Magic Resistance 5+ 400
16 Rune of Spell Eating Bonds to Armor.  Absorbs and negates D3 spells targeting the wearer each adventure 300
21 Master Rune of  Groth One-Eye Bonds to Weapon.  All Warriors on the tile gain +3 to Fear and Terror tests. 500
22 Master Rune of Courage Bonds to Armor.  Immune to Psychology 400
23 Rune of Fear Bonds to Weapon.  Causes all monsters to make a fear check of 6+ (on Dungeon Level +D6) 500
24 Rune of Slowness Bonds to Armor.  All monsters on the tile move at -1 move. 450
25 Rune of Fortune Bonds to Weapon.  Re roll any one missed attack per turn, must take the second result. 450
26 Icon of Determination Bonds to a Shield.  Once per adventure, the warrior can take all of one attack on his shield, ignoring the blow. 300
31 Silver Stone Attaches to a weapon, bonding and making the weapon permanently enchanted.  If that weapon hits with a natural roll to hit of 6, it causes an extra D6 250
32 Orb of Might Has D6 POW stored in it for use in casting spells, cannot be recharged 50/ charge
33 Glowstone Acts as a lantern, but if a 1 is rolled for POW, roll a D6, on a 1-3, the stone is extinguished and useless 400
34 Destroy Magic Scroll Dispels any one spell cast at the Warriors.  This spell cannot be cast by that spell caster again (if it is rolled, there is no effect) 350
35 Quake Scroll Causes a 2x2 square area to cave in.  Any model in that area suffers 2D6 wounds with no modifiers 200
36 Swords of Doom scroll Gives the warrior +2 attacks this turn 200
41 Bane Scroll of the Undead Kills any single undead model of up to 400 gold value on a D6 roll of 4-6 150
42 Bane Scroll of Chaos Kills any single chaos model of up to 400 gold value on a D6 roll of 4-6 150
43 Runestone of Death Bonded to a weapon.  Once per adventure roll +2D6 damage for the weapon. 250
44 Runestone of Slaying Bonded to a weapon.  One attack per adventure damage is doubled before Strength. 300
45 Runestone of Magic Bonded to a weapon.  Makes the weapon treated as magical permanently 25
46 Rune of Destruction Bonded to Weapon.  Once per adventure the Warrior can double his attacks with this weapon. 400
51 Master Rune of Banishment Bonded to Weapon.  Once per adventure, If the weapon does 1 wound to undead, it is killed utterly 500
52 Master Rune of Daemon Slaying Bonded to Weapon.  Once per adventure, If the weapon does 1 wound to chaos or daemons, it is killed utterly 500
53 Master Rune of Death Bonded to Weapon.  Once per adventure, if the weapon does 1 wound to the target, it is killed. 750
54 Master Rune of Dragon Slaying Bonded to Weapon.  Once per adventure, If the weapon does 1 wound to a dragon, hydra, or wyvern, it is killed utterly 500
55 Skalf Blackhammer's Master Rune Bonded to Weapon.  All non magic armor is ignored by the weapon. 350
56 Snorri Spangelhelm's Master Rune Bonded to Weapon.  Gives the weapon +1 to hit, once per adventure will hit automatically, no roll. 500
61 Rune of Smiting Bonded to Weapon.  On a natural roll of  5 or 6 to hit, does +1D6 wounds. 500
62 Alaraic the Mad's Master Rune Bonded to Weapon.  Negates any Dodge/ Parry/Ignore Pain special abilities 500
63 Master Rune of Might Bonded to Weapon.  Does double damage (before Strength) to any foe with toughness greater than wielder. 500
64 Rune of Breaking Bonds to Weapon.  Destroys magic armor it hits on a natural to hit roll of 6. 450
65 Rune of Parrying Bonds to Weapon.  If the attack misses, removes 1 attack from the opponent (will not reduce their attacks below 1). 500
66 Master Rune of Resistance Bonds to Armor.  Each blow, roll a D6: 4-6 = may force the attacker to re-roll damage dice for that attack. 450


11 Boots of Swiftness +1 move 500
12 Boots of Flight For one full adventure, makes wearer hover, and ignore chasms, pits, etc. 750
13 Cloak of Stealth Can break from pinning automatically once per adventure 100
14 Wizard's Staff Can be used to attack with at -1 to hit, but gives +1 toughness while wielded.  The staff can store Power, and comes with 1 POW in it for spellcasting (can be recharged).  Once per adventure you can re-roll the event but must take the second result. 500
15 Horn of Resilience Can only be used when no monsters are present.  When blown, all warriors enter a trance for one turn and do nothing but heal D6 wounds.  Works once per adventure. 350
16 Horn of Shielding Once per adventure, may be blows to give the Warriors a shield that protects them from any blow unless a natural 6 is rolled to hit.  This lasts one turn. 500
21 Talon of Death Once per adventure.  After movement, the warrior may use this to cause D6 wounds to all Monsters adjacent with no modifiers (roll each monster separately). 500
22 Icon of Agility Gives +1 to escape from pinning, once per turn. 200
23 Stone Icon of Ghamaluk Once per adventure, heals bearer to full Starting Wounds. 200
24 Icon of Combat Can be used once per adventure to shove a monster back to any one of the 3 squares behind him.  Roll D6+Strength for the warrior and compare to Monster's Strength, if it is greater, the monster is shoved back, and the warrior takes his place. 150
25 Light of Courage Allows the bearer to see as if he had a lantern, lasts one adventure 300
26 Orb of Power Has D6 POW stored in it for spell casting.  Can be recharged at the Font of Power. 500
31 Orb of Sigmar Once per adventure, negates necromantic magic on the same board section for D6 turns 400
32 Lucky Talisman Once per adventure, makes an attack automatically hit. 150
33 Talisman of Alcadizzar Gives 5+ Magic Resistance to necromantic magic cast at the bearer. 500
34 Lifestealer Talisman Once per adventure, the Warrior can do D6 wounds to an adjacent monster with no modifiers of any kind, and gains the wounds done, up to his starting wounds. 450
35 Life Stone of Le Marquis When your warrior is hit by a blow that would reduce him to 0 wounds or less, the Life Stone negates the attack, once per adventure. 500
36 Dragon Stone of Le Marquis Once per adventure, add +1D6 toughness for a turn. 500
41 Talisman of Jet The Wizard can try to swap spells for another once per adventure.  Roll 1D6, 1 = crumbles and is useless, 2-6 = choose a new spell of the same casting cost. 600
42 Power Stone of Le Marquis Once and adventure, add +1D6 Strength for a turn. 500
43 Battle Stone of Le Marquis Once per adventure, one attack automatically hits. 500
44 Speed Stone of Le Marquis Once per adventure, add +2 movement and break pin automatically for one turn. 500
45 Deathstone Once per adventure, the wizard can use this to cast a spell with.  Roll a D6: 1-2 = spell fails and all POW for the turn is lost, 3-6 = spell cast at no POW cost this turn. 150
46 Luckstone of Anurandel Re-roll any one die roll once per adventure 150
51 Stone of Bravery +1 to all fear and terror rolls to bearer 250
52 Blessed Gem Once per turn, can dispel a necromantic spell on a 4+. 350
53 Healing Hands Jewel Once per adventure, all Warriors heal 1 wound. 250
54 Chalice of Vigor Once per adventure, for the duration of the next combat, all Warriors cause +D3 wounds each hit on a natural roll of 6 to hit. 300
55 Chalice of Fate Once per adventure, the Wizard can re-roll the POW but must take the second result. 200
56 Goblet of Vitality Once per adventure, each warrior heals 3 wounds 200
61 Backpack When found, has D6 provisions in it.  At the beginning of each adventure, the pack has D6 more provisions. 150
62 Coughing Spell Jewel Once per adventure, pick a monster on the board section and roll a D6: 1-5 = no effect, 6 = the monster is -1 to hit for the rest of the turn. 50
63 Bracelet of Transformation Once per adventure, the wearer can take on the appearance of any monster, and will not be attacked by monsters with any weapon or spell.  Once a monster is attacked, the effects wear off. 350
64 Lifestone Once per adventure.  Choose one Warrior on the same tile as the wearer, and swap wounds, this cannot take either Warrior above starting wounds. 500
65 Circlet of Wrath Once per adventure, the wearer can enter a blood rage for a turn.  Roll a D6: 1 = double attacks, but move to the nearest Warrior and unleash them on that model, 2-6 = double attacks.  When in the rage, the Warrior cannot be pinned 400
66 Gauntlet of Damzhar Gives the wearer +1 attack at -1 to hit and +1 Strength.  If both Gauntlets are worn, they combine for a total of +3 attacks, at +1 to hit and 4D6 damage. 500


This consists of various rings, pendants, and other enchanted piece of jewelry and baubles that can be worn. 

11 Band of Magic Randomly select two attack spells that are stored in the band.  Each one can be cast automatically then the band is destroyed 500
12 Stone of Transmutation Roll a D6 and add Battle-Level, if this is greater than the monster's current wounds, it is turned to stone and killed.  Works once. 200
13 Amulet of Power Each Warriors phase the wearer may roll a D6: 1 = amulet explodes doing 1D6 with no mods to wearer, 2-6 = +2 Strength. 350
14 Amulet of Fury Allows the wearer to cast spells (if the person who gets it is a wizard, it grants one random spell to him and disintegrates).  Randomly determine one spell, once per turn, the user may try to cast the spell by rolling D6+BL over the casting cost.  Disintegrates upon success 200
15 Bracelet of Saphery Randomly select one spell when found, once per adventure this spell can be cast for free by the bracelet. 750
16 Ring of Regeneration Each turn, a roll of 6 on D6 heals 2D6 wounds (unless at 0 wounds, then it only heals 1D6) at the end of turn. 650
21 Crown of Thoughts On ambush, roll D6: 1-3 = ambush as normal, on 4-5 = ambush has no effect on the wearer, 6 = one free attack on the monsters before they move, and negates ambush on wearer. 800
22 Ring of the Warp Instead of moving, may teleport, roll D6 and move that distance if possible, ignoring pinning and obstacles.  If it is not possible, then cannot move and loses his turn. 1000
23 Ring of Seeking Roll a D6 to avoid a trap: 1-3 = no effect, 4-6 trap is magically disarmed and has no effect 500
24 Time Freeze Ring Once per adventure, gives the warriors an extra warrior's phase at the end of the one it is used on. 200
25 Amulet of Vindication Gives Magic Resistance 6+ 500
26 Protection Ring +1 Toughness while worn 300
31 Braces of Warding +1 Toughness while worn, up to two can be worn at once  
32 Amulet of Charadris Undead monsters regenerate at half the normal rate (round down) while adjacent to the wearer 300
33 Ring of Sure Seeing You may re-roll an event if you don't like the one, but must take the second result. 200
34 Spell Ring Randomly determine a spell each adventure, the ring can cast this spell for free once per adventure. 500
35 Crown of Madness +1 to all psychology tests while worn 250
36 Ring of Power Choose one characteristic, this is +1 while the ring is worn.  The one chosen cannot be changed. 500
41 Rapid Fire Bracelets +1 Attack with missile weapons while worn 450
42 Lightning Fire Ring Once per adventure, does 5D6 with no modifiers to any one monster in line of sight 500
43 Invisibility Ring Onc turn per adventure can turn invisible, still able to fight, cannot be pinned, cannot be attacked or the target of spells. 175
44 Black Amulet Gives 5+ dodge, if the attack is dodged, reflects the attack back on the aggressor.  Each time it is successful, roll a D6: on a 1 the amulet is destroyed 300
45 Jade Amulet 2+ Dodge or Magic Resistance once per adventure 250
46 Amber Amulet Heals D3 wounds at the beginning of each turn 500
51 Amulet of Fire 4+ Magic Resistance, once per turn 450
52 Tress of Isoulde Choose a target, once per battle.  Against that foe, the wearer is +3 Weapons Skill and +3 Strength. 500
53 Collar of Zorga While worn, no monster will initiate combat in hand to hand against the wearer, but will defend themselves. 500
54 Bauble of Anurandel +1 to escape pinning 250
55 Gems of Life A pair of gems, one is worn, the other is kept in safety.  If the wearer dies, he is stored in the gem, and when the two are brought back together, the warrior is restored to life, as the gems crumble.  Only mundane equipment is left behind. 700
56 Belt of Gagron At the end of any turn the wearer's wounds are reduced to 0, roll a D6: 1-2 = no effect, 3-5 heals 1D6 wounds, 6 = heals 2D6 wounds 500
61 Ring of Sure Seeing Allows the warrior to re-roll one single Settlement Event or Hazard roll, then crumbles, the second result must be taken. 200
62 Bracelet of Ashain +3 Starting Wounds while worn 350
63 Energy Jewel Has 1D6 Power for use in casting spells, once the POW is expended, the gem crumbles 200
64 Crown of Night Gives 6+ Magic Resistance 300
65 Ring of Dadaan Randomly select one spell, the ring can cast this spell once and then is destroyed 200
66 Charm of Learning Counts as 300 gold toward learning the next level only (300 ''experience") 100


11 Armor of Brilliance 3 DEF, -1 to be hit 400
12 Armor of Protection 3 DEF, 5+ dodge 500
13 Dragon Shield Once per adventure, the bearer is immune to any one attack 300
14 Chaos Armor 3 DEF, can cast spells with it on 500
15 Chaos Runeshield 1 armor, negates all magic items used adjacent (except self and chaos armor) including wearer 200
16 Spellshield 2 armor, 4+ magic resistance.  If the spell is resisted, it reflects and affects the caster. 400
21 Bane Shield 1 armor, 5+ dodge.  Any attack dodged reflects on the attacker 300
22 Charmed Shield 2 armor, removes 1 attack from the monster attacking wielder 300
23 Magic Warpaint 1 adventure's worth.  2 armor vs missiles, 3 vs hand to hand, can use magic with it on but cannot be combined with armor 200
24 Fanged Death Helm Choose one attack per turn, if it hits, an additional bite attack of D6 wounds that always hits, with no modifiers. 250
25 Armor of Fortune Absorbs 30 wounds, which never affect the wearer until the 30 is reached.  The armor then explodes, taking the wearer to 0 wounds. 500
26 Shield of Deliverance Can totally absorb two blows, then is destroyed. 500
31 Helm of Alcadizzar Acts as a lantern, gives +1 toughness, and all undead are -1 to hit the wearer. 450
32 Elf Shield Ignore the first blow each turn (unless the attack was a natural 6 to hit) 500
33 Cloak of Lorien Ignore the first wound caused by each attack.  Roll a D6 each time it protects, a 1 = cloak is destroyed 75
34 Kingshield of Tilea +1 toughness, once per adventure negates any one blow. 200
35 Fur Cloak +1 toughness, roll a D6 each time it protects: 1-3 = destroyed. 75
36 Boots of Quargskin 1x per adventure can double movement (cannot be sold) 0
41 Cloak of Deception All attacks on the warrior are -1 to hit, but if a natural 6 is rolled to hit, the magic is exhausted until next adventure. 350
42 Boots of Battle Gives an additional kick attack of -1 to hit, +1 STR 200
43 Bladed Boots Gives an additional kick attack of -1 to hit, +1 STR 200
44 Vambraces of Lightning Gives 4+ dodge versus missile weapons 250
45 Boots of Leaping Leap 1 square in any direction, ignoring any obstacles, but still counting as 1 move, can only be used once per turn. 400
46 Cloak of Warding 1 armor, can cast spells with this on 200
51 Helmet of Farseeing +1 toughness, can see as if he had the lantern 800
52 Boots of Tzchak +1 move, ignore movement penalties of armor 100
53 Grey Armor of Eshkalon Each attack, roll a D6: 1 = armor shatters and is useless, 2-6 = armor absorbs as many wounds as rolled 400
54 Cloak of Shadows Gives Magic Resistance 4+, if the wearer is selected for a missile attack, return and reselect, taking the second choice 400
55 Elf Helm +1 Toughness.  In addition, can take a blow on the helm, roll D6: 1 = absorbs all damage and is destroyed, 2-4 = no extra effect, 5-6 = blow does no damage 750
56 Belt of Blocking Each blow that the wearer sustains, roll a D6:  1-2 = no effect, 3-5 = 2 wounds less taken 6 = ignores the blow. 500
61 Helm of the Dragonslayer Immune to all breath weapon attacks of any kind 500
62 Bohemond's Shield +1 toughness, Roll a D6 each blow, on a 6, the weapon is broken and destroyed 500
63 Grail Shield +1 toughness, all undead are at -1 attack on the bearer 300
64 Enchanted Shield If used, roll a D6: 1 = explodes for D6 wounds to user, no modifiers, 5-6 = absorbs all damage. 450
65 Pelt of Charandis +1 Toughness, +1 more against hand to hand attacks, negates poison effects 450
66 Helm of Yvresse +1 toughness, may Re-roll a failed fear or terror test 300



There are two tables for weapons, swords and other weapons.  The great majority of magical weapons found are swords, and other weapons includes such things as arrows and boots that allow attack.


11 Sword of Defiance +3 toughness when wielded 600
12 Sword of Ensorcelled Iron +1 to hit 150
13 Biting Blade Ignores 1 point of armor 150
14 Blade of Leaping Copper +1 attack 300
15 Death Sword +3 STR 500
16 Sword of Stone +2 Toughness 500
21 Blade of Couronne Each undead monster adjacent to the wielder takes 1 wound, no mods, cannot be regenerated at end of turn. 300
22 Blade of Slicing +2 wounds on successful hit 300
23 Giant Blade +2 STR 400
24 Blessed Sword Raises Weapon Skill to 10 500
25 Venom Sword Wounds that make it through defenses are doubled 400
26 Wall of Steel In a corridor or doorway, no monsters may pass the warrior wielding this sword, even if they are flying. 200
31 Enchanted Greatsword 2-Handed weapon, +4 STR, -1 initiative. 400
32 Wyvern Blade Each hit does 2 Hits, roll damage for each separately. 500
33 The Sword Skabskrath Gives Terror rating of equal to BL (monsters who fail are -2 to hit, and will not cast spells at that target), makes immune to all psychology. 450
34 Sword of Fortitude Immune to psychology 300
35 Sword of Justice Ignores non magic armor, re roll any miss, must take the second roll 750
36 Weeping Blade Ignores 1 point of armor; if the blade does any wounds, at the end of turn, the model takes D6 wounds in addition with no modifiers 700
41 Chaos Runeblade +1D6 damage, ignores non magic armor 400
42 Warrior Bane Each successful damaging attack causes -1 attack on the model 350
43 Banisher Sword Vs undead: does +1D6 and ignores armor 300
44 Blood Drinker Drains 1 STR from the target if it does any successful wounds (the target is 1 STR lower, and the Warrior has +1 STR until the end of the fight); if the model is reduced to 0 STR it dies, if the warrior was below normal strength this drain effect 'heals' it. 750
45 Deathsword Once per adventure: Increase STR to 10 for one turn 250
46 Soul Blade Each successful wounding hit reduces the model's toughness by 1, any model at 0 toughness dies. 450
51 Parrying Blade Once per turn, can roll D6: 1-3 = no effect, 4-6 attack is parried and has no effect 400
52 Dark Sword Each successful wounding hit reduces the model's WS by 1, any model at 0 WS cannot attack with hand to hand. 400
53 Sword of Might +1 Strength 150
54 Relic Blade +1 to hit 400
55 Blessed Sword Only misses on a roll of 1 or 2 300
56 Bone Blade Once turn per adventure, the Warrior may trade in all attacks for a single attack that causes normal damage +(1D6xBL) in wounds 400
61 Obsidian Blade Each hit roll a D6: 1-4 = no special effect, 5-6 = ignores and destroys armor 450
62 Blade of Sea Gold Ignores 1 point of armor 150
63 Magic Sword May hit monsters only affected by magic weapons 25
64 Heart Seeker Sword Re-roll one miss per turn, must take second roll 500
65 Berserker Sword +1 to die roll to go berserk 250
66 Bronze Sigil Sword +2 initiative 100


11 Axe of Slaughter +1D6 damage 200
12 Ogre Slayer +2 STR (+3 STR for Dwarf) 400
13 Axe of Khemri Roll 2D6 and choose the best for wounds, vs undead is +1 to hit, cannot be added to with runes 750
14 Destroyer Staff Steals D6 POW from any spell caster it hits, if it hits, that spell caster cannot use any magic until the end of turn 300
15 Black Hammer of Hashut +2 STR, ignores armor, does double damage to mummies 500
16 Hell Mace +2 attacks 250
21 Dark Mace of Death Once per battle: all models adjacent take the damage of the mace, with no armor 300
22 Darting Steel Dagger +1 attack, hits automatically, does D6 wounds, no STR 350
23 Hail of Doom Arrow One use.  +1 STR bow attack, does 2D6 hits of the bow's damage 150
24 Heart Seeker Arrow 2D6 arrows.  Re-Roll any miss once, take the second result 75@
25 Arrows of Loren 3D6 arrows.  +2 Ballistic Skill, ignores 1 point of armor, +1 damage. 100@
26 Surefire Bow STR 4 bow, +2 to hit 900
31 Spear Once per adventure, can attack at BS 3+, and does 3D6 with a hit 100
32 Pistol and Shot D6+6 weapon, range 6 squares, takes 1 turn to reload.  Enough shot for one adventure 1000
33 Bow of Tiranoc +3 wounds each hit 300
34 Eltharion's bow +1 to hit 200
35 Arrows of Piercing Enough for one adventure.  On a successful hit: D6, 1-4 = normal effect, 5-6 = ignores armor 300
36 Arrows of Death 1D6 arrows.  +3 wounds 100@
41 Arrows of Sure Flight 2D6 arrows.  +1 to hit, only usable by elf (others don't get the magic) 100@
42 Bow of Tor Alessi Fire before or after moving 250
43 Arrows of Slaying 1 arrow: roll a D6 on a hit, 1-4 = normal effect, 5-6 = monster is slain instantly 500
44 Magical Quiver Any arrows stored in this quiver are treated as magical (and hit creatures only struck by magic) 25
45 Javelin Once per battle, can use for an attack at BS, if it hits and the target is adjacent to a wall, roll a D6: 5-6 = target is pinned there until next turn. 100
46 Arrow of Fire 1 arrow, does damage of the bow in a fireball (2x2 squares area) 300
51 Crossbow of Swiftness Get as many attacks as you have attack skill. 750
52 Lightning Bolts D6 found.  Does damage of the crossbow to every model in a line directly from the Warrior, no armor 100@
53 Skavenblade (dagger) Ignores 1 point of armor, does only 1D6 damage with no strength, but any damage suffered is done at the end of the turn again with no modifiers (poison) 300
54 Throwing Hammer Ignores all but magic armor, if 6 is rolled for damage, stuns for a turn (no monster phase this turn for the model hit).  Once per combat can be thrown, range 6 squares. 300
55 Repeater Crossbow If you hit, you can immediately attack again, until a miss.  Takes D3 turns of inactivity to reload. 500
56 Halberd of Pain Can attack in ranks, is -1 WS if in a hallway, always hits last in Warrior's Phase.  Ignores Toughness on a natural roll of 6 to hit.  Two handed weapon. 200
61 Mace of Sure Striking Re roll one D6 of damage if desired, taking the higher of the two damage. 300
62 Arrows of Piercing Enough arrows to last the adventure.  Each hit, roll a D6: 1-4 = no special effect, 5-6 = ignores all armor 300
63 Flail of Smiting +2 STR, ignores 1 point of magic armor, ignores shields of any kind 400
64 Fire Arrows 1D6 found.  If it hits, roll D6: 1-3 = has no special effect, 4-6 = does 1D6 wounds with no modifiers each turn until damage does natural 1 or 2 (which snuffs the flames after damage). 100@
65 Razor Arrows D6 found.  +3 wounds to targets with no armor 100@
66 Elven Bow Make as many attacks as you have attack skill. 750


Once the Objective Room has been cleared of monsters, this, more powerful treasure can be claimed by the Warriors.


11 Lifestone of Ashraz As long as the bearer is above 0 wounds, the lifestone heals D3 wounds at the beginning of each turn. 1500
12 Warningstone of Asuryan Negates ambush on a roll of 6, once per event. 1100
13 Warpjump Spell Jewel The jewel's bearer and all adjacent Warriors are transported to any place in the dungeon that they have been to before, once per adventure. 750
14 Wand of Jade Has 2D6 charges when found.  Each charge increases the effect (not success chance) of a spell by +2. 600
15 Wand of Diabolum All spells cast with this wand are at -1 Casting number. 500
16 Sceptre of Zandri Acts as a normal sword (D6+strength damage), but against undead does an additional D6 damage, and all undead are -2 to hit the wielder. 1000
21 Horn of Vengeance Once per adventure, roll a D6 for every monster on the tile.  If the roll is a natural 6 or is greater than the monster's toughness, it is hurled to the floor and suffers D6 wounds with no armor.  Prone monsters take a turn to stand up and can do nothing else. 1000
22 Chalice of Battle Once per adventure, the warrior gains one turn of +1 Attack, +1 to hit, and +1 Strength. 1000
23 Firestorm Icon Once per adventure, does 6D6 with no modifiers of any kind to all models in a 2x2 square area in line of sight.  2000
24 Horn of Defiance Once per adventure, when blown the effects last until the combat ends or POW rolls 1, whichever comes first.  When a warrior is attacked, on a 6+ no damage is done. 750
25 A set of Gauntlets of Damzhar This cannot be found if one or more of the Gauntlets is already possessed. When worn, the Gauntlets grant +3 attacks, at +1 to hit and 4D6 damage. 1000
26 Chalice of Sorcery Gives POW for casting spells.  For each point of POW drawn from the chalice, roll a D6.  All power must be drawn at once, and thus all D6 rolled at the same time.  When the dice are rolled, any 1s that result causes 1D6 wounds, with no modifiers of any kind. 700
31 Enchanted Jade Amulet Each turn, the amulet will regenerate up to BL in wounds if used, but will not raise wounds over starting level.  Each turn used, roll a D6: 1 = The amulet crumbles to dust, causing D6 wounds with no modifiers for armor or toughness.  2 = no effect this turn, 3-6 = regenerates.  Does not work at 0 wounds. 600
32 Book of Arcane Knowledge Roll 4D6 when found, and select spells that are written in the book as if learning new spells.  Each spell can be cast once at no POW cost, then the page crumbles. 1000
33 Brooch of Power Stores unused POW for the turn, up to (6+BL) total.  If any Power is stored in the Brooch, it gives +1 toughness to the bearer. 1000
34 Dawnstone Revives a warrior to full wounds even if reduced to 0 wounds or dead, at the end of the turn, then crumbles to dust. 500
35 Crown of Sorcery Usable only by non-spell casters.  When found, randomly select two spells at the bearers BL in casting number.  Each turn the wearer gains the POW of the dungeon, +1, and can cast up to his BL in spells in a turn.  Each time a spell is cast, roll a D6: 1 = spell fails and wearer is immobilized for the turn (only a 1 misses). 1000
36 Talisman of Obsidian Gives Magic Drain of 4+ to any adjacent spell caster.  The magic power is redirected to heal 1D6 wounds to the wearer. 500
41 Tablet of Adain Lets the Wizard re-roll any number of the dice rolled when new spells are learned, but the second result must be taken. 1000
42 Staff of Command Once per event, a spell caster can attempt to control one monster on the board for a turn.  Roll a D6: 1-4 = no effect, 5-6 = Monster is controlled.  Controlled monsters fight in warrior phase and will do anything ordered except harm its self 900
43 Ring of Cheshnakk Transports the wearer out of the adventure and to the next settlement the other Warriors visit. 1000
44 Golden Scepter of Norgrim Once per turn, can add one of the following to all adjacent Warriors: +1 move, +1 STR, +1 Toughness. 800
45 Gauntlet of Bazhrakk the Cruel +2 Strength.  On a natural 1 to hit, the attack hits an adjacent warrior instead of the monster intended.  Any weapon held is treated as magical, bearer cannot be disarmed. 750
46 Staff of Flaming Death Fires flaming skulls in a straight line, first target is hit for 2D6 wounds and causes fear 5+ (D6 plus dungeon level).  Each time it is used, roll a D6: 1 = all charges used up, destroyed, 2-6 = still at least one charge left. 800
51 Staff of Lightning Does D6+6 damage to the first target in a line, with no modifiers for armor.  Each time it is used, roll a D6: 1 = all charges used up, destroyed, 2-6 = still at least one charge left. 800
52 Staff of Osiris Does D6+3 to every model in a straight line, ignoring armor.  Each time it is used, roll a D6: 1 = all charges used up, destroyed, 2-6 = still at least one charge left. 800
53 Skull Wand of Kaloth Used like a sword (Dice plus Strength damage) but each target must make an Initiative check (D6 roll plus initiative, roll 7+) or it dies on the spot.  Has D6 charges, cannot be recharged. 300/charge
54 Skull Staff All spells cost 1 less POW to use.  All monsters have -1 to Magic Resistance checks against your spells.  Once per adventure a spell can be cast that ignores all magic resistance, dispels, etc. 2000
55 Rod of Power Can store Unused POW.  Each turn, roll a D6+Initiative, if the result is less than the POW stored in the Rod, it has leaked the stored Power and is empty.  When any POW is in the staff it gives +1 WS. 1500
56 Forbidden Rod Can cast spells for no POW cost, but each time roll a D6: 1-3 = Rod uses Wounds in place of the Power cost, 4-6 = no Power required.  No spell cast with the Rod can be dispelled, countered, or resisted.  Each time it is used, roll a D6: 1-2 = all charges used up, destroyed, 3-6 = still at least one charge left. 1500
61 Horn of Panic Once per combat the Horn can be blown, taking that Warrior's entire turn.  Roll an initiative check (D6+Initiative, roll 7+ to succeed) for each non-undead creature on the tile.  Each creature that fails fears the party (-1 to hit, -1 to roll on spell chart and -1 spell cast, minimum 1 per turn). 2000
62 Staff of Cyeos May roll 2D6 for Power each turn and take the best of the two rolls.  If either a 1 or 2 comes up on both of the POW dice, however, there is an unexpected event. 1000
63 Shadow Crown All attacks are -1 to hit the wearer, who cannot be pinned, and has +2 to movement. 1000
64 Rune Staff The Rune Staff allows a Warrior to remove a rune from one item and move it to another.  Each try roll a D6: 1  = the rune is destroyed, 2-6 = the rune is successfully moved. 800
65 Cape of Cornwall Can walk over any pit or trap without setting them off: the character cannot be chosen randomly for a trap (remove him from the characters to pick from a cup). 750
66 Codex of the Magus Roll 2D6 and pick spells as if learning them for a mage.  These spells are written in the Codex, and any Spell Caster can learn them between adventures. 200/ spell


11 Sword of Hoeth When used, roll D6: 1 = trip, lose all attacks this turn, 2-4 = as normal, 5-6 = double attacks 750
12 Hellfire Sword On a natural roll of 6, does (D6+1 per BL) damage to all adjacent models with no modifiers for toughness or armor 1500
13 Bane Sword Randomly determine a monster type (dragon, goblin, dark elf, etc) for the dungeon level.  The sword does x2 damage against such monsters 500
14 Sword of Vengeance Ignores Toughness and all except magic armor, can re-roll one miss per turn (must take the second result) 1000
15 Sword of Heroes Does +3D6 wounds against creatures with 6 or more toughness 900
16 Blade of Leaping Gold +3 attacks 1000
21 Blood Sword In addition to normal attacks, roll a D6 for each adjacent model, for each 6, the sword hits that model as normal 600
22 Dragon Sword Can only be drawn by 4th level or higher, on a successful roll of 5 or 6 to hit, does double damage 1200
23 Hammer of Spite Choose a monster as it is placed on the board, if there is room adjacent, place the warrior with this hammer by that monster.  Take an immediate ambush attack, and every turn against that monster he gets +1 attack, and should he kill it, double gold. 600
24 Axe of Slaying One turn per adventure: automatically hits target, roll a D6, damage is equal to the number rolled in D6 (+ STR). 500
25 Axe of Blood When monsters are first faced, roll a D6:1 = attack nearest warrior, ignoring pinning, +1 STR and Attacks this turn, roll again next turn.2-5 = Attack nearest monster at -1 to hit, but +1 STR and Attack (roll again next turn at +1 to dice).6 = +1 STR and attacks until end of fight.  This die roll is done until the Warrior no longer attacks any allies. 1000
26 Hammer of Sigmar Ignores all but magical armor, if a roll to hit is a natural 6, damage is 4x 2000
31 Rending Sword +2D6 damage, on a 5 or 6 to hit, ignores 2 points of any armor 1200
32 Sword of Destruction Nullifies all magic in adjacent squares and for wielder, including items.  Causes +1 wounds and gives 6+ Magic Dispel 750
33 Gomril Blade 2-Handed Axe.  Ignores all but magic armor, does double damage on a successful hit.  Cannot be used by anyone below 3rd level. 1200
34 Blade of Leaping Bronze +2 attacks 450
35 Frostblade May only make 1 attack per turn.  Once per adventure, if it causes one wound, Frostblade slays the foe utterly, causes deathblows 750
36 Fell Blade +1D6, each wound caused is doubled, but roll a D6 each hit, if a 1 results, the wounds that the monster takes are done to the wielder instead. 1500
41 Blade of Cocacila +2 STR, No magic works for the wielder nor any model adjacent.  Ignores armor and toughness of chaos daemons 2000
42 Sword of Teclis +1D6 electrical damage, ignores all armor; once per adventure, it may unleash a storm of electricity that does D6 hits at D6+STR to the foe faced. 1500
43 Black Axe of Krell Ignores armor, if it hits, does D6 wounds at the end of the turn with no modifiers whatsoever 1500
44 Gotrek's Axe Ignores normal armor, ignores 2 points of magic armor, +1 to hit, +1D6 damage 1500
45 Morgor the Mangler (axe) +1 Weapon Skill, +1 Toughness, +1 Strength, ignores normal armor 2000
46 Bow of Loren Does BL in D6 wounds, if this kills, continue attack without roll to hit on target behind, continue until no longer kills 2000
51 Chaos Sword of Grugn Ironheart +1 Weapon Skill, +1 Strength, +1 Attack for the wielder 1000
52 Chaos Demon Sword Ignores normal armor, each wound does D3 wound, any 1 rolled for damage like this damages the wielder instead, no modifiers. 1250
53 Executioner's Axe 2 handed Axe, strikes last on Warrior's Phase, +2 STR, on a roll of 5+ on all dice of damage, the target dies (not vs chaos or undead). 2000
54 Elf Biter, Axe of Grom Ignores armor, any wounds that are done after all defenses are doubled 2000
55 Morning Star of Fracasse +2 STR first turn of a battle, if it wounds a target, their weapon is taken and destroyed. 1000
56 Armor of Taakan +5 Toughness, -1 move.  Any attack that wounds the wearer allows the wearer to retaliate with one additional attack that does not cause death blows. 1500
61 Shadow Armor +2 toughness all attacks are at -1 wound on each D6 rolled, wearer is never pinned, and can move through 1 square of obstruction freely (cannot cross chasms) 2000
62 Armor of Skaldor (Dwarf only) +4 toughness, immune to breath weapons, 5+ dodge 1500
63 Armor of Meteoric Iron +3 toughness, Cannot be removed or carried unworn 1000
64 Helm of Possession +1 toughness, each turn the wearer can choose a monster and roll D6: on a 6: removes D6 attacks from the victim 1000
65 Armor of Dargan +4 toughness, -1 to be hit by non magic weapons 2000
66 Gauntlets of Soul Rending Allows extra attack before all other attacks at -1 to hit.  The first time a warrior kills a monster with these gauntlets in an adventure, roll D6: 4-6 = +1 wound permanently 800