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The Pit Fighter Revised
A WHQ Community Revision (January, 2009)

Because the official Pit Fighter Warrior is so popular AND because there have been a number of complaints that he is over-powered, I have taken the job of revising him quite a bit.  Much input was given during this process from some other gamers. Thecustodian has offered a fully modular system (based partially upon the original to hit locations idea) which I have worked to incorporate into this revision.  Below I give a summary of the revisions.  To see the full revisions document, please visit the link.  For copyright reasons, the original Pit Fighter rules will be needed in order to fully appreciate and use these revisions.

Pit Fighter: Community Revisions

Choice of Beginning Equipment -- The Pit Fighter can either choose his original weapons or one of three other combinations each of which have their own special benefits.

Fist Spike and Pit Flail - (only difference is that the Fist Spike has a damage of -1 Strength for damage)
Sword and Buckler - +1 Toughness and an ability to pass through a monster's square once per turn while moving (opposing Strength test)
Trident and Net - Fight in ranks; +1 Strength, death-blow limited to one monster behind slain adjacent monster; the net can restrain a monster and make it easier to hit (auto-hit with Trident!)
Twin Short Swords - +1 attack each turn, -1 Strength for damage

Basic Pit Armour (advanced rules) -- Five basic armour pieces offering +1 Toughness to the area they protect only. The protected locations based upon the monsters' to hit rolls has been changed to reflect the areas more likely to provide lethal wounds (see document for details).

Open Pit Helm (Head)
Pit Armour (Torso)
Bracer (Right Arm)
Bracer (Left Arm)
Leg Armour (Legs)

Advanced Pit Armour and Gear

Advanced Pit Armour -- the following are optional advanced Pit Armour pieces which can be added in addition to the basic pit armour pieces. Each of them offers another +1 Toughness to the area they protect.

Full Pit Helm (Head)
Partial Chain (Torso)
Gauntlet (Right Arm)
Gauntlet (Left Arm)
Greaves (Legs)

Other Gear -- There are some special things the Pit Fighter may invest in instead of the above advanced pit armour pieces. If you like the Pit Fighter, I think you will really want to read the full revisions document for the details of this special gear.  The following list is very brief in description:

Head:  Reinforced Circlet - Headbutt attack; Mask of Horror - causes Fear/Terror; OR, Tattoos - magic resistance
Torso:  Spiked Pauldron - Wounds adjacent monsters at the end of the Pit Fighter's movement; OR, Barbed Brigandine - Wounds attackers
Right Arm:  Knuckle-dusters - additional damage when used with other weapons; Poisoned Blade - kills if wounds, once per adventure; OR, Quarg-Hide Sleeve - halves damage taken once per combat
Left Arm:  Concealed Blade (wrist) - bonus attack once per combat which ignores armour; Spiked Bracer - +1 Strength; OR, Quarg-Hide Sleeve - halves damage taken once per combat
Legs:  Knee Spikes - bonus attack once per combat with +1 to hit; Concealed Blade (boot) - bonus attack once per combat which ignores armour; OR, Snakeskin Boots - Escape Pinning bonuses

Pit Fighter's Debt -- The Pit Fighter's Debt will need to be paid off in proportion to his new Battle-Level when training.

Fighting School Armoury -- Almost everything in the Armoury has been modified.  Many new things have been added, including all the Pit Fighter's beginning equipment choices.  So, if he decides he would like to try a different weapon combination, he can purchase them between adventures.

Heal-Itt -- This item is so powerful that the price has been changed to 500 gold each.  It is automatically in stock, but only one of them is available per settlement/Fighting School visit.

Damage Dice -- During training, the revised Pit Fighter can only increase his Damage Dice characteristic twice during his entire career.  He can, however, increase this characteristic one level sooner (for each increase) than most Warriors if he so chooses.

Skills -- Two skills have been replaced, since similar abilities have been included in the new equipment rules.  Berserk and Endure have been added for this purpose.  Berserk is less effective at mid-level than the Barbarian's and Trollslayer's versions of this skill.  The Sure-handed skill has been totally rewritten because the original was very much like the Ambidextrous skill.

Here again is the link:  Pit Fighter: Community Revisions

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