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(Updated Often in August & September 2006)

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(Currently, only this website and a message board in French are a part of the Warhammer Quest Ring of Slayers. Hopefully, more websites will be added.)

The purpose of this website, in addition to providing me a place to store things, is to host fan creations of Warhammer Quest warriors, tables, house rules and etc.  Please see disclaimer below.  Please use the link buttons above or below to navigate to the available materials.  Use the Contact OW page to contact the Old Warrior (who is also the webmaster) for any reason, especially if you would like him to consider posting your custom WQ stuff on this website.

Updates have been moved to the new Updates page.  Latest update: 5th of November, 2006.

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Very Important Disclaimer:

This website and all files stored here are completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited.

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NOTE:  It is the Old Warrior's intention to provide a resource for Warhammer Quest fans without publishing and without reproducing any original Games Workshop materials.  All custom materials are here provided free of charge and shall not be supported by any advertising.

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